Victory In Secular Industry Even Now (V.I.S.I.E.N.)


V.I.S.I.E.N. begins in the heart of a man. Victory means that your heart, the seat of your emotions, intellect, and free will has to be challenged with new information, and the possibility of new choices. Our ideology is that young men and women need to have the condition of their heart as their primary focus, so that their heart beat is the same as God's heart beats. Many of our youth have been captured by the enemy of their soul, future, mind, and ultimately their today.


We suffer from a lack of African-American male leadership, which has social, economic, and psychological challenges in our communities. Subsequently the majority of our homes are run by women and the men have by large lost what it means to be a father, husband and productive citizen.


Our Objective:


Create opportunities that better connect at risk male youth with their families; connect those families with churches; connect those churches with their community; and connect those communities with local, national, and international missions, therefore turning splintered and broken families and communities into thriving global citizens.


Our Goal:


To rescue the heart, mind, and soul of the African-American male and reconnect him to himself, his family, and his community. To accomplish our goal we research, write, and find creative ways to communicate with our goal in mind, to the community to reconnect.


To learn more about how you can support the efforts of V.I.S.I.E.N. Ministries, please call (267) 499-3105.



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