Cost of Freedom Addiction Counseling

Matthew 20:28 - Just as the Son of man came, not to be ministered to, but to minister and to give his soul a ransom in exchange for many.


There is a cost for your freedom and it’s already been paid!

The unique distinction about our program is that we combine personal temperament assessment with goal setting and spiritual development. As we believe the use of spiritual beliefs or practices aid in helping those in recovery cope with and make sense of unfortunate life experiences. We believe that spirituality has the power to transform difficult circumstances and bring forth favorable outcomes.


Our program not only builds self-confidence, identifies unique temperaments and talents; it also helps reduce depression, anxiety, substance abuse which leads to relapse, recidivism and in some cases suicide. We do so by offering a community of hope, purpose, and meaning, concepts of forgiveness compassion, grace, and community of support.  We help participants to identify their uniqueness and potential for unique contributions to the world, which promotes the following:


- Positive World View

- Meaning and Purpose

- Psychological Integration

- Hope

- Personal Empowerment

- Prayer and Sense of Control

- Role Models for Suffering and Triumph

- Answers to ultimate questions

- Guidance to decision making

- Social Support



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