The purpose for using music is to worship Christ through rap and song and various art forms with a challenge and charge to the body of Christ through prophetic rap music and lyrics. We embrace the challenge of bringing new life to the hymns and new songs to the throne of God praying that he receive our sacrifice of praise. Simply we desire to make the music do what its designed to do, to make the soul and body dance and for that dance to be a prophetic dance declaring "Victory Even Now"!




The preaching is designed to bring awareness to a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic body of believers. Awareness that the Lord is alive and well and he is looking for the true worshipers to worship him at a time when it is unpopular in a land where it’s unpopular and in a way that ignites the fire of all surrounding wood. The unique thing about dry wood is that it catches fire easily, but God not only wants to set fire to dry wood, he also wants to set fire to soaked and drenched wood as he demonstrated with the prophet Elijah. Lion of Judah Ministries preaching will be that soaked and drenched wood, soaked with the anointing of God and then set a blaze by the fiery power of God for all to see.


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